V-PET makes Platelet Therapy Easy

    For Small Animal and Equine use.
    Blood is drawn and loaded into a bag above the V-PET filter.
    Blood flows through the filters under gravity. As platelets reach
    the filter, they are selectively retained. When the filtration is
    complete, a harvest solution is backflushed through the filter to
    recover the platelets. This harvested product is the platelet
    therapy, and is ready to use. It’s that simple.

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  • Laser Therapy:
    How It Works

    K-Laser are dedicated not
    only to continued research, but also
    to thorough education. Come see how we
    have broken down the complexities of
    laser therapy into the industry’s first
    simplified, narrated, and completely
    scientifically accurate animation.

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  • Drug Free Pain Free

    VBS Supplement Range

    VBS Direct is owned and run by vets for vets in practice. Our aim is to support UK veterinary surgeons with a range of proven and successful supplement products to provide safe long-term supplements to your clients at cost effective price points.

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  • K-Laser Class 4 Therapy Laser

    The Pinnacle Of Technology

    We provide the most advanced technology, which
    combined with a portable, color touch-screen, USB
    updatable, user-programmable software platform,
    offers the most versatile coverage of the therapeutic
    spectrum on the market.

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