HygieCatch - Urine Sample Kits


HygieCatch is the culmination of two years’ R&D to create a collection device that contains a specially formulated fragrance that not only attracts the dog but also encourages it to urinate on the device. HygieCatch’s funnel format then channels the urine into a sterile gallipot ready for urinalysis testing.

Quick, convenient and reliable

The HygieCatch Collection Kit includes everything a customer needs to collect a canine urine sample.

HygieCatch enables pet owners to provide a pet urine sample to the vet easily and cost-effectively, ready for testing. Treatment times are improved and the stress of trying to get a sample during the appointment is reduced.

Each kit comprises disposable gloves, urine collection container, collection cup and the unique HygieCatch device.

HygieCatch urine collection kits can be handed out at reception to customers booking appointments or in advance of their pet's next check-up. The kits can also be sent out by post as a reminder so the owner is fully prepared for their pet’s appointment.

Introduction to HygieCatch

Vet Testimonial

What do Vets Say

HygieCatch comes in different sizes

So easy to use

HygieCatch is easy to use, dispenses with the need to chase dogs around trying to collect urine samples and can help prevent the requirement for a ‘cystocentesis’ procedure.

Importance of Urinalysis

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VBS Promotional Launch Pricing

HygieCatch Small HygieCatch Small(Pack of 30)
£135 + VAT Half Price = £67.50 + VAT
HygieCatch Small HygieCatch Medium (Pack of 30)
£135 + VAT Half Price = £67.50 + VAT
HygieCatch Small HygieCatch Large (Pack of 30)
£135 + VAT Half Price = £67.50 + VAT
HygieCatch Small HygieCatch Mixed Pack (Pack of 30)
£135 + VAT Half Price = £67.50 + VAT
HygieCatch Small HygieCatch Sample Pack 2 of Each Size (Small/Medium/Large)
£35 + VAT Half Price = £17.50 + VAT

Easy to Order

Contact VBS Direct on 0845 528 0336 or email sales@vbsdirect.co.uk to place your first order. Existing client can purchase HygieCatch from the Vet Order portal.