Zoom Webinar: Advanced Laser Therapy Series (6)


[08:00PM] Laser Therapy - Rehabilitation, Ligament and Tendons, and Sports Medicine
This free 1 hour webinar with CPD credits will explain how Laser Therapy photobiomodulation can:

 - Stimulate bone and soft tissue musculoskeletal healing
 - Improve blood flow to tendons and ligaments
 - Enhancing clinical rehabilitation and return to full functionality
 - Explain how it can be used for management of equine and canine sports medicine

Class IV laser therapy can be used alongside conventional surgical and medical therapies to improve multi-modal management of a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders. 
What are the key features that allow Photons of Light to Stimulate Biological Tissues? 
 From Rafael Nadal to the Paris St Germain, Bayer Munich, Inter Milan and UK Premiership Football and Rugby clubs, from Prima Ballerinas to the New York Yankees - K-Laser Therapy has been used on elite sport personal injuries for over two decades. In the animal kingdom it is used on elite race horses and Olympic show jumpers to greyhound racers to accelerate recovery from major injuries and improve performance. 

The aim of this webinar is to educate Sport Therapists and Animal Professionals on the science and clinical applications of Advanced Class IV Laser Therapy, and improve their clinical outcomes and quality of healing for short and long-term rehabilitation of tendinopathies in standard and athletic animals. How Class IV Laser therapy can help Vets, Nurses, Physios, Hydrotherapists and Animal Therapists to improve clinical rehabilitation for musculoskeletal tissues. 

This topic will be discussed by Laser Therapy Consultant Dr Stephen Barabas, who will explain the principles, present scientific evidence, and answer your questions live. A 1 hour CPD certificate will be provided to attendees.

Date: Tuesday 9th November 2021

Time : 8:00 PM