Zoom Webinar: Advanced Laser Therapy Series (7)


[08:00PM] Laser Therapy - Effects on Peripheral and Central Nervous Disorders – Pain and Stimulation
This free 1 hour webinar with CPD credits will explain how Laser therapy photobiomodulation can:
 - Stimulate nerve tissue healing
 - Improve clinical outcomes post injury to enhance rehabilitation
 - Explain how it can alter pain pathways and motor function
 - Alter perception of pain - acute and chronic 

From Traumatic Brain Injury to Peripheral Nerve Damage Neuropathies and Osteoarthritic pain, we will review the literature and the treatments indications for this non-invasive treatment modality. 

Is it safe to laser the brain? How can Photobiomodulation improve the functionality of a damaged nerve? These and other questions will be discussed in this webinar, aimed at animal healthcare professionals interested in complementary, non-invasive, scientifically proven treatment options to work in isolation or in unison with existing medical drugs and other therapies. 

How can it help Vets, Nurses, Physios, Hydrotherapists and Animal Therapists to improve clinical rehabilitation and pain management both acute and chronic. 

This topic will be discussed by Laser Therapy Consultant Dr Stephen Barabas, who will explain the principles, present scientific evidence, and answer your questions live. A 1 hour CPD certificate will be provided to attendees.

Date: Monday 22nd November 2021

Time : 8:00 PM