Zoom Webinar: Advanced Laser Therapy Series (11)


[08:00PM] Laser Therapy: Management of Exotic Species and Bird Disorders, Pain and Rehabilitation.
This free 1 hour webinar with CPD credits will explain how laser therapy photobiomodulation can be a key therapy for the exotic veterinary team:

 - Minimally invasive, well tolerated and easy to administer
 - Stimulate bone and surrounding tissue healing
 - Improve clinical outcomes post surgery rehabilitation
 - Explain how it can be used for management of acute and osteoarthritic pain
 - Improved Avian Wing Tip Oedema and Pododermatitis indications
 - Accelerate Plastron healing and Infectious wound injuries 

Treating exotic species is challenging in the clinical setting due to the limited licensed drugs, ability to handle and delivery some medications, and dangerous nature of some zoo animal species. Class IV laser therapy can be used alongside conventional surgical and medical therapies to improve multi-modal management of a wide variety of musculoskeletal and internal organ disorders. It can also be delivered at a distance from the animal or outside its cage giving enhanced compliance to the animal and safety for the animal carer. 

What are the key features that allow Photons of Light to Stimulate Biological Tissues?
How can it help Vets, Nurses, Physios, Hydrotherapists and Animal Therapists to improve clinical rehabilitation, pain management and general bone healing? 

This topic will be discussed by Laser Therapy Consultant Dr Stephen Barabas, who will explain the principles, present scientific evidence, and answer your questions live. A 1 hour CPD certificate will be provided to attendees.

Date: Tuesday 8th February 2022

Time : 8:00 PM