RegenVET - The Complete System


RegenVET Dog

A simple unified system for Regenerative Medicine

VBS Direct Ltd has been supplying cutting edge Regenerative Medicine products to UK and Irish vets for over 10 years. We have made it possible for vets across the country to offer state-of-the-art treatment modalities to their small animal and equine clients. Our product range is built on clinical efficacy, quality and cost effectiveness. We want the most number of pets to benefit from new and innovative modalities. This approach together with our veterinary training and expertise has allowed our clients to enhance the lives of tens of thousands of pets.

VBS is proud to be offering clients the next leap forward in Regenerative Medicine from the USA - RegenVET®. This simple, unified process can quickly create the following high concentration therapies in any practice setting:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Protein Concentration
  • Stem Cell Therapy (BMC)

Capture with Confidence

RegenVET Dog

RegenVET provides veterinarians with specialized training, comprehensive business services, and premium products to improve their clinics and enhance the lives of the animals they treat.

Equine Stifle PRP

Parker's Paws Animal Hospital using the RegenVet PRP system for a Stifle and Hip injection.

Stifle and Hip PRP

Complete process and injection of PRP in a horse stifle. Overview includes set up, sterilization, blood draw, PRP processing and injections all completed on site.

Equine Stifle Stem Cell Treatment

This video covers a full stem cell process and injection in the stifle of a horse.

Obtaining Concentrated Plasma Proteins